Tourism Text and Pizza

When the girl from the agency said there's another hotel leaflet on its way to me (see previous post), she added that the translator was given my corrections and said he'd do his best to incorporate them. Great. He really did. On the other hand, he made the following new mistakes:


Mangled English

תאטרון בובות

A doll-house theater [should be: puppet theater]

מול חנות הדראגסטור

Opposite the Dereg-Store [should be: drugstore]

Other than that and skipping five non-consecutive paragraphs, he did fine.


A certain popular pizza chain is opening a new branch a few hundred meters from my home. I refuse to give it publicity by stating its name and providing a link, because their copywriting offends me!

The beautifully designed brochure was delivered to my mailbox, and I read it not so much because I was dying to know what new toppings they have (none) but because I was curious about the copywriting: is it well-written? Original? Convincing? Is the register just right?

It's only a pizza; so the word ביס , originating in Yiddish but very common in Hebrew, is fine with me; no need to use the higher-register נגיסה.

But the following sentences managed to annoy me:

בין ביס לביס הם כבר בוחרים לעצמם את הסלייס הבא.

יש לכם הזדמנות לקחת סלייס מההצלחה...

Is this the latest English word to become "in", or איני , as they say in Hebrew?...


Anonymous said...

Oy! I so hate this. What's wrong with פרוסה? Reminds me: I just wrote a letter to the Eilat City engineers asking them to change the signs in the theater balcony that read "Shira" and "Comedia" to Hebrew lettering. I had to remind them that no tourists attend the theater...

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