Signs Abroad - part II

... and below is another sign that I liked, because of its casual, chatty, friendly tone. I shall type the text under the pic, because it's a bit fuzzy, even if you click and enlarge it.

This photo was taken at the Lost Gardens of Heligan -- a beautiful place, if you love green thingies like gardens, trees, bushes, hothouses and sample-jungles.

Here's the text:
The Crystal Grotto
I'm sorry that it's still a little mucky in here but
restoration isn't complete yet. The Crystal Grotto is
at first glance a charming, plain, traditional grotto
of the late 18th century, however in its roof, hidden
by gunge, are set crystals. we are reliably informed
by people who visited the gardens in the 1920s
that on summer evenings candles would be
brought out here and the crystals would reflect
light onto the paths. We are setting out to achieve
that again.


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