Help! I am being followed!

No need to call the Police; I am not in any immediate physical danger, I think.
Still – getting an email telling me that I Am Being Followed was a bit jarring. What have I done that merits being followed? Oh, I’m used to being followed on Facebook; and I wish more people would follow my blogs. But that’s about it. I don’t even have a Twitter account – seems like too much bother.
So no wonder I was taken aback.

As it turns out, it’s all my fault.

Ever since I moved my study from the front porch to what had become the spare bedroom, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to make my workspace more efficient and attractive. So when my daughter sent me a link to a pegboard , I fell instantly in love with the site that provided that wonderful organizer, and thoughtlessly joined the party by clicking a few check-boxes, then promptly forgot about it.

Well. That’s when the emails started. Apparently, people discovered that I was on Pinterest, and chose to “follow” me. But there was nothing to follow! My walls, or boards, or whatever, were pristine and bare. Not a pin in sight.

Not wanting to disappoint my new followers, I began searching for worthy images to “pin” onto my boards. Which required setting up boards. And inventing names for them. And copying and pasting and uploading and …  Worse than Twitter, I am sure. Especially since I found the Pinterest GUI not the most intuitive or self-explanatory, even for a veteran Web user like me. But – being a veteran Web user – I figured it out, of course. And diligently linked and uploaded some cute pics. Phew. Now my followers will at least have something to look at, and I can take a breather and get back to business.

Now, where was I?...
  • I’ve translated and polished the text about the upcoming summer camp;
  • I’ve sent client A.M. a list of fanciful names for their fancy new products'
  • I’ve decided not to undertake writing copy for T’s website, because, well, I don’t want to put you off that project, because I hope one of you guys will undertake it, so I’ll keep my reservations to myself.
  • I have to call R and ask if they still need me, or if they’ve found someone else, and possibly set up a meeting. Which I dread. Don’t like meetings. Prefer to just look at the text and/or website, get an email with some sound explanations, then issue a price quote.
  • I have to give T a price quote; the job isn’t urgent, which is a welcome change!
  • Last but not least, and most hated – I have to send reminders to recalcitrant clients… Wish me luck!


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