My first word

No, you simply will never guess.

First of all, though I always claim that I was brought up on Hebrew and English simultaneously, it turns out that, initially, Hebrew prevailed. A matter of exposure: I was born on a kibbutz., and the Hebrew-speaking metapelet [nanny] spent more time with me than my own [American-English speaking] mother. So no wonder my first words were in Hebrew.

Clara (a.k.a. Mom, a.k.a. Ima), bless her, kept records. Such as the notebook documenting my [astounding] development from which the photo below is taken. And so you see for yourselves: My very first word was kaftor, meaning button.

I can only speculate that, while the metapelet held me in her arms, I tried to pull off, or eat, a button on her shirt. Which made her point out to me that the thingy is a kaftor. I must have been impressed.

Shop names - follow up

Seems like the unusual name did not contribute to success or longevity.
 In mid-February I was wondering what on earth made the owners call their new sushi bar "Gushpanka". I truly intended to go in and ask them.

Too late.

The place has closed down, taking its secret with it: