You shop, we drop - Grammar Court

Walking or driving through London, I often see these large Tesco delivery trucks, carrying the slogan "You shop, we drop".
I can't help but feel that it appeals to every housewife (or other shopper) staggering home with heavy shopping bags. Never occurred to me that some may consider it ungrammatical.

I don't care what the Grammar Court decides -- I think it's brilliant. Along with so much other British copywriting. Well, actually, the Judge decided it's grammatical. So much the better!

- to be continued...


Yam Erez said...

I agree that it's brilliant, and don't even get what could be considered incorrect about it. Enlighten, please?

Nina Rimon Davis said...

Sorry, the link seems not to work. Try this:

According to the "grammar court":
"You shop, we drop." should be written as two sentences - not one. The slogan contains a run-on error. In other words, Tesco is guilty of using a comma instead of a full stop / period .

It should be written "You shop. We drop."

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