Hi All,

I've been translating for as long as I can remember... Possibly since the days my metapelet (nanny) sang to me in Hebrew "Yesh ba-dir tahleh katan" (there's a little lamb in the pen) and my mother sang "Mary had a little lamb". Different lambs, different worlds...

I studied English Literature and Linguistics at Tel Aviv University. Then classes towards a master's in comparative literature. Did some journalistic writing. Took a copywriting course; a play-writing workshop. Whatever I did, it always involved writing, translating, editing. And sometimes teaching.

While working as in-house senior editor for a large translation company, I issued a monthly Editor's Letter that became quite popular. When I left the company, my readers said they missed that letter. Guess what -- I missed writing it! Which is one of the reasons I decided to get back to it, albeit in a different (more modern?) format, with more flexible content. Which means that if I have nothing to say about translation today, I can still write about a recent book I read, say, or a vexing ad I saw.

Meanwhile, I felt that stories about my travels -- which had crept into this blog -- deserved their own blog: Nina Makes Tracks, though I believe you'll find that the two blogs often complement each other.
Still later, I decided I needed yet a third blog, for all the stuff that doesn't really belong in the first two. So I  created Nina Tracks Changes.



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