Are you ready for this?

I know Google is not the answer to everything… But if you're trying out an expression and it is nowhere to be found on Google, it should give you pause for thought.

For example, in a really god-awful .ppt presentation of a certain large Israeli company, let's call it Celestial Drinks, the company discusses how sales people can recognize when you (their potential customer) are ripe to fall into their greedy little hands. In Hebrew they called it bashlut ha-kniya - בשלות הקניה
– which is poor Hebrew to begin with (it's the person that's supposed to be "ripe", not the purchase.) And they elaborate:

לכל לקוח רמת בשלות/ נכונות שונה לרכישת מוצר

True enough; I won't argue with that.

The translator called it Buying Ripeness. I think this sounds awful. You just wouldn't say that. (As I intimated, Google supports my gut feeling here.) But try "buying readiness", and you'll see that there is indeed such a thing.


There are other ways of expressing the above idea, where "ripe" does work well. Something like being ripe to close the deal. But in a ppt presentation, based on short bullets, you want to avoid longish explanations.


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