נינה שלום

רצ"ב הקבצים לתרגום.

בחלק מהם העברית גרועה. אנא דיימני בנפשך משפטים תקינים.

תשלום: 50 ₪ + מע"מ ל- 250 מילים

For those who do not read Hebrew, here's a translation:

Hi Nina,

Attached are the files for translation.

In some of them the Hebrew is bad. Please imagine correct sentences.

Payment: NIS 50 + VAT for 250 words


Shira said...

LOL I suppose it's cheaper than having the Hebrew edited

Ruchie Avital said...

This reminds me of the story about Menachem Begin who, after his election as prime minister, made an appointment with an English teacher. He explained to the teacher that he wanted to "polish up his English in advance of an official visit to the United States." "Mr. Begin," said the teacher, "Don't bother. Your English is Polish enough already..."

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