End-of-Month Blues

I don't know about you guys, but the last couple of days of each month are exhausting.

Which is why I am writing this only today and not on March 31st.

First, there are all those customers (and friends, and acquaintances, and relatives) who suddenly remember that today is the last date for handing in a paper, submitting a proposal, an application, an offer, a what-have-you. So every job is a rush job, a matter of life-or-death, of please-please-you-must-do-this-for-me.

Secondly, there are all those pro forma invoices and tax invoices to prepare...

I am quite organized at work, I have templates for my pro-formas, I keep a detailed Excel file with all relevant details, I can sort and re-arrange etc., and if I happen to mess things up then Hubby comes to the rescue...

Nonetheless, it's never simple.

The Glockenspiel company wants its invoice & breakdown in English, the Highfalutin Academy wants it in Hebrew. The BuzWords Corp wants two separate documents – one with the total sum and one with a detailed breakdown, and I'm lucky they're not asking for it in Russian. Next, the new client claims my ishur for tax deduction at the source is out of date. I hasten to the relevant government website, and by Golly, the blasted thing ended on March 23rd! Why didn't anyone tell me? My accountant is on vacation, the phone at his office is constantly engaged, and they don't answer emails. One of the reasons I chose that particular accountant (aside from a recommendation by friends) is that his offices were conveniently located. Then the guy ups and moves to Ashdod! It's not as if I pay him a visit alle Montag und Donnerstag, but still.

I remember that my colleague Hagit demonstrated an application that is supposed to deal with most of these woes. And I saw on Hagit's site that my colleague Yael recommends it.

Anyone wish to second that emotion?


Anonymous said...

I LOLed at your invoicing woes. Hope you don't mind! : )

Ruchie Avital said...

I have been using Avodat Milim for a year and a half now, and I find it very useful. If it keeps me from forgetting to invoice even one client (something that did happen to me once or twice in the past), it has paid for itself. It also keeps one from forgetting deadlines and in general keeps my invoicing and bookkeeping much more organized and orderly.

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