No More Sick Funds

Yay! Mazal Tov! An ad on the J. Post that's well-written! No mention of the name of the advertising agency, so I can't give them points. I'm talking about a huge ad by Perrigo Israel, entitled "Take it like a man…" Sensible visual. Clean colors. Good text. Though inconsistent punctuation: you gotta decide whether you place a period at the end of each bulleted text or not. I think the grammatical consensus is that you shouldn't. But inconsistency seems to me worse.

However, lest you should think that Perringo and/or the J. Post – whoever is responsible for the English text – got away with a clean sheet, please note the oval stamp saying "Available in Sick Funds at a reduced price".

Guys, there are no Sick Funds anymore, haven't you heard? Implying that we folks who go to the doctor's are "sick", or that the establishments taking our money are "sick funds" is a no-no. All erstwhile kupot holim are now called Healthcare Services, or Healthcare Service Providers, or the like. So be well. Stay healthy. And translate correctly.


N K said...

Right on, Nina!

Yam Erez said...

You put a period after a list item only if the item constitutes a complete sentence, i.e., "We intend to take over the world".

Nina Rimon Davis said...

Yep, that's what I seemed to remember. Thanks!

Shira said...

How about HMO like in the US? Or would that imply a horrible healthcare system...?

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