Castro Fashion in need of an English Editor

... but before you rush and send your CV or phone them up, look again. Yeah, they need an English editor -- they just don't know it, apparently!

This top is on display in their shop window in Kanyon Rothschild (which the new owners are trying to re-brand as G, but that's a different story) in Rishon.

As my daughter commented, "Too bad, it could have been a nice T if it didn't make me cringe every time I looked at it. "

More about Castro's choices in another post.


Anonymous said...

I have come to expect this ilk at the *shuk*, but Castro? I have to disagree with Daughter here, it's not even an appealing garment. I might deign to wear it for Pesach cleaning...inside out...and only if I got it for free. Any other use screams "tacky airhead".

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