Fun & Games with Coffee

When I'm stuck in a place like Ichilov hospital, I find solace in their coffee stands. Looking at the bill I received from one such stand, I saw that the title was, which is a mite weird, but I can live with it. Underneath, the Hebrew reads:

קופיקו שירותי מזון בע"מ, בי"ח איכילוב

I'm afraid that coffee will never taste the same…


Shira said...

Tee-hee - I think that about sums it up.

Unknown said...

LOL, I saw that one myself while working there. And if I don't come across such absurdities frequently enough, I make some up myself.
Apropos, yesterday I stumbled upon the name of a band that's obviously eyeing international stardom: EatLiz <> אטליז.

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