Parting words for today –

Tomorrow, March 4, is National Grammar Day! Hooray! Do you think we could institute something similar in Israel?


Perry said...

Unfortunately, some of those who shape the use of language in this country (people who appear on the tembelvision) are unaware of grammar. I mean in terms of correct usage - the ubiquitous "ot'chem" instead of "et'chem", and its relative, "otaich" instead of "otach."

Nina Rimon Davis said...

That's one of the reasons I don't watch the "tembelvision"... It hurts my dainty ears :-)

Unknown said...

Let's not overlook the Net (esp. talkback), which is chock-full of these morsels:
כנסו instead of היכנסו
and the whole 1st-person future form fiasco, e.g. אני ילך/יקח/ילמד
etc. etc. ad absurdum.

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