Reading a-what comes naturally!

I have recently started using a text-to-voice program called Natural Reader. I find it quite useful in self-editing: a pleasant voice reads aloud what I've written, while I look at the screen and see my silly typos.

Of course, it does some funny things. Never mind that it pronounces the name of the French statesman Guy Mollet as if it rhymed with [Ken] Follet. But in the following sentence, describing a budget in Israel of the mid 1950s,
"...make an effort to increase the special budget for activities in Asia and Africa which had been reduced to IL 35,000 from the previous year's IL 70,000" it read the IL as... Illinois, what else?!


Ruchie Avital said...

I have been using Natural Reader for a couple of years now and it has saved me countless typos and errors, especially with rush jobs. I have recommended it to all my translator colleagues. I do suggest, however, buying "Paul's Voice," which is much more "Human" than the "Microsoft Sam" voice that comes with the purchase.
If you really want to laugh ask it to read "Tel Aviv" and type in a "dirty" word, say "sh-t" and see what says. You'll get a real chuckle.

BTW - What's with IL - the offiical symbol is NIS

Nina Rimon Davis said...

I did buy 2 voices, male and female, and alternate between them. I think it was Crystal and Ray.
As for the IL -- it was in the 1950s, it was lirot, not shekalim...

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