Sorry, you can't say/write...

  • זרימת המידע מ- ולתוך הרשתות

As a translation of "… information flow from and to networks."
You just can't do that in Hebrew, you have to re-write, for example, thus:

זרימת המידע מתוך הרשתות ולתוכן

  • True, "ensure" is not always easy to translate, but that's no excuse for using the awkward word ווידוא indiscriminately. Alternatives include:

יש להבטיח כי/ש...

יש לוודא כי/ש...

יש לדאוג לכך ש...

  • malicious codeקוד זדוני

I've also seen נוזקה – and indeed Google gives more hits for this word than it did, say, a year ago, but not all users are happy with this word.

Similarly, I've seen נגיף for computer virus, but not all writers have adopted this term, for various reasons.

  • [Training & education] processes have been refined and are under continuous improvement
  • Cost management has been refined to a level of industry practice
  • Processes have been refined to the level of best industry practices

You can't say

ניהול העלויות זוקק עד לרמה של הנהגים המקובלים בתעשיה,

התהליכים הזדככו ועוברים שיפור תמידי

You have to find alternative verbs, even if you think they don't quite catch the essence of "refine", so long as they suit the context.


התהליכים שוכללו, לוטשו, שופרו, נעשו מדוייקים יותר, ממוקדים יותר

At a time like this, I find Eitan Avneyon's Word for Word (thesaurus of the Hebrew language) very helpful.

  • The integrity of the data does not mean היושרה של הנתונים; the data have no moral values; it means that the data are whole, have not been compromised or damaged.
    in other words,
    שלמות הנתונים
  • In many bureaucratic and HR texts in English, there is talk of "people", when in fact they are referring to a company's employees. While it's all very friendly, human and touchy-feely to call us "people", I suggest that you do not translate it as בני אדם, as one translator did. My instructions, at the time, from Israel's Civil Service, for example, were to call us lowly employees עובדים . Which is fine with me – it ain't no crime. Zu lo boosha.


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